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Nixon Contracting's Recap on 2020

Updated: Jan 26, 2021

Happy New Year! As we look forward to a busy 2021, we reflect on all the growth and opportunities Nixon Contracting experienced in 2020. 2020 was an interesting year to say the least, but many good things took place. We humbly want to give credit to God for His blessings and express gratitude to you for your support of our company.

Here are some of the exciting things that happened in 2020:


We started the year with one crew, and branched into gaining a second crew. When adding to the Nixon Contracting Team, we look for skilled staff that share our same values: hardworking, trustworthy, dependable, and commitment to excellence. At the beginning of the year, we were able to have one crew dedicated to the Nash County Water Line project, while our second crew focused on the Lewis Stevens Road project.

The Lewis Stevens Road project was done in conjunction with Carolina Sunrock serving as general contractor and Nixon Contracting serving as subcontractor. What began as a waterline installation job expanded to also include a storm drainage installation job. Nixon Contracting was selected by Carolina Sunrock as the appropriate team for the job for three reasons: (1) Nixon Contracting excels at safety standards, (2) our production and ability to work skillfully with a variety of different contractors, and (3) our competency to get the job done correctly.


Carolina Sunrock was pleased with the quality of Nixon Contracting's work on the Lewis Stevens Road project, so they subcontracted our company for another large project at the Orange County Detention Center in Hillsboro, NC. This opportunity allowed Nixon Contracting to grow yet again, and we added a third crew to our talented team.

Just as all projects are unique, the Orange County Correctional Facility project has presented its own individual challenges. Our crew worked on the sewer line, storm drain, waterline, roof drains, foundation drains, and French drains. At the time when Nixon Contracting was initially hired for the Orange County Correctional Facility project, a previous team had been on the job, and much of the work zones had been left unfinished and ill-prepared. Due to the nature of the situation, each sub-project had to undergo additional levels of safety checking to ensure that everything was tested prior to Nixon Contracting adding new utility lines. Our company has a high standard for safety. There were many unknowns, which required planning, testing, re-evaluation, more planning, and more testing. We picked up mid-completion on a job that needed safety remediation, but we enjoyed the challenge, and took each project aspect with incredible care.


Perhaps the most exciting part was our new additions. Addition one - we purchased a Lowboy trailer for transporting our large equipment.

And our favorite addition - we rescued a dog! His name is Buffer and he is an American Fox Hound. Buffer is our new company mascot, and he goes to work with Denver Nixon everyday. He is such a joy to our family and our company!

As Nixon Contracting continued work on the large projects we had begun in the spring, we also took on some additional commercial projects. In Kinston, NC, Wendy's Restaurant hired Nixon Contracting to remedy an emergency situation. Their sewer line had broken, forcing them to temporarily shut down their business operation. With time being of huge importance to their restaurant, Nixon Contracting got straight to work on their sewer line, asphalt installation, and pouring a concrete curb. Within less than a week from the time Wendy's reached out to our company, the problem was rapidly repaired, their restaurant was able to reopen safely and successfully - and faster than they anticipated!


In addition to the large commercial projects our crews were working on in autumn, we were able to exceed expectations for a client in Greenville, NC. Fed-Ex hired Nixon Contracting alongside contractor ST Wooten, for a project where time was of the essence. Fed-Ex needed to up-fit an old warehouse with a pump station, waterline, and sewer line installation. Fed-Ex requested the project to be completed in a hasty two weeks, however Nixon Contracting exceeded their deadline expectations and completed it in only 1.5 weeks! Naturally, everyone was pleased!


In December, we felt such an overwhelming sense of gratitude over our blessings this year, that we truly hoped to give back and bless local families. 2020's challenges and uncertainties made this year a struggle for many families. It was our honor to step in and assist in any way we could. With our Christmas initiative, we had the opportunity to help in a way that was dear to our hearts.

One family anonymously shared: "The pleasure and blessing was truly mine. It's amazing how things happen when you take self and pride out of the equation, and put it in God's hands. I am eternally grateful for everything that has happened, and if I can help any way in the future, I will be glad to pay it forward. Thank you ALL again, and I hope that we can and will continue to talk and grow a friendship driven on faith. God bless you all!"


Nixon Contracting is excited about the projects on our forecast for this year to come. We will continue to work in the same way we always have - with integrity, dedication, hard work, attention to detail, and a Golden Rule Philosophy. Thank you so much for continuing to support Nixon Contracting.

Nixon Contracting is a family-based company, established more than 60 years ago in eastern North Carolina. Three generations of Nixon's with commitment to integrity, loyalty, quality hard work, and putting God and others first. Our managing officers, Denver and Wayne Nixon, look out for the wellbeing of our clients by delivering impeccable service for any job big or small.

With over six decades of site development experience, varying from small farm pond excavation projects to expansive 220,000+ feet of piping for the NCDOT, we know how to do it the right way and save you money. Throughout the years to come, we will continue to operate Nixon Contracting with a commitment to excellence.


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