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Taking a Safety- First Focus at Orange County Correctional Facility

Updated: Dec 15, 2020

The Nixon Contracting team is always hard at work. Beginning this spring, we have been working diligently on the Orange County Correctional Facility in Hillboro, NC. Take a look into one of our numerous commercial projects, and our focus on safety and project planning.

Nixon Contracting was selected by Carolina Sunrock Group as the appropriate team for the job for three reasons: (1) Nixon Contracting excels at safety standards, (2) our production and ability to work skillfully with a variety of different contractors, and (3) our competency to get the job done correctly.

Just as all projects are unique, the Orange County Correctional Facility project has presented its own individual challenges. Our teams are in the midst of working on the sewer line, storm drain, waterline, roof drains, foundation drains, and French drains. At the time when Nixon Contracting was initially hired, a previous team had been on the job, and much of the work zones had been left unfinished and ill-prepared. Due to the nature of the situation, each sub-project had to undergo additional levels of safety checking to ensure that everything was tested prior to Nixon Contracting adding new utility lines. There were many unknowns, which required planning, testing, re-evaluation, more planning, and more testing. We picked up mid-completion on a job that needed safety remediation, but have taken each project aspect with incredible care.

“Safety before profits is what we believe.” We are committed to safe work every day, training staff on site, and training before crews even get to the jobsite. Even from the initial project planning stage, maintaining a safe work environment is one of our top objectives. We meet the highest safety standards for all involved: our crews and the general public. The Nixon Officers (Denver & Wayne Nixon) are OSHA certified and operate at OSHA 100%. We leave nothing to chance. Complex excavation, irregular lots, drainage issues, busy traffic patterns, tons of materials - we handle challenges with grace. With our proper project planning, we ensure the work is safely done on time, on budget, and on par with our high-quality standards.

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